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Darcy - 2016 lexus nx 200t

I bought a car last week for a really good price and i love it. The staff here are super friendly and knowledgeable and there is absolutely no hard sell which is attractive. I plan on taking my car back for maintenance and repair if needed

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Steven - 1998 Service Tires

To Keith, from your neighbor down the street: I got a new set of tires installed on my truck last week. Jeremy handled it like a pro and the mechanic who mounted and balanced them did the best job of balancing  that I can remember, and the truck is 20 years old, so a lot of tires have been put on. While I was waiting ,I felt like I was at Flow BMW. Everyone was friendly and professional. We will be back for more service from your business and will recommend it to all we know. It's called good management and it shows.   Thanks

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Georges - 2011 Chrysler Town and Country

You are a top salesman and if your boss/owner does not know that, he is a fool and I am going to get him straight.

I was in Sales. 

Let that go.

But it's lovely to see you at it. You are a pro and it's nice.

I'll be more than happy to send you business whenever I can.

P.S. love the car.

Took it home. It's safe and under security camera.

Lovely, tight ride, great breaking, just I car I wanted.

So, thank you again for working with me on this.

Will try to come by and pick up my lovely old ride. And get it off your lot.

I do hope you have a good weekend.

Nice doing business with you.

Be good. Be safe. Send me a copy of that selfie. It'll make my day.


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Matt - Harbour Jeep Wrangler

Matt Harbour

 ¬∑ June 14, 2017
The staff at Webber Automotive is amazing. I contacted them and spoke to the owner, Keith Webber, about getting new tires and wheels for my Jeep. He quickly and professionally worked up a quote for a great price and my order was placed. In no time at all, he gave me a call to let me know that my wheels and tires had arrived and we set up a time for me to stop by for the install. While there, I got a chance to browse several of their in stock vehicles and noticed many customers in for maintenance, many of which seemed like repeat customers. Once my Jeep was done, Keith came and got me and took me on a walk around the Jeep to make sure everything was up to standard, and then he and one of the tech's helped me load up my old wheels and tires to hit the road. It's not very often that you get great service, but my experience at Webber Automotive was simply outstanding. I highly recommend these guys if you're looking to purchase a new vehicle or need to have any work done! Great people, great service, and a great experience!

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Dinah - Amon Chevrolet Tahoe

My husband and I just bought a 2007 Tahoe last month. It was a great deal. Todd  is a great salesman. Everything went very smoothly. I would recommend Webbers to everyone!

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Didier Lopez - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

Just recently purchased a car from these guys and I can guarantee you will never get a better experience buying a car than Webber Automotive! Walter and Gus went above and beyond to get me accepted for a car when I didn't have the best credit. Just goes to show there really is some good, honest people out there that are willing to help....this isn't your typical used car lot....They really care! Saying I'd recommend this place would be an understatement.

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Tyron Hall - 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

Very Good And Efficient Service. Walt And Gus Will Most Definitly Take Care Of You.

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Kasha - 2006 Nissan Altima

Walter was great. He walked me through the entire process and held my hand until the car was mine! Great attitude and even checked on me after I got the vehicle.

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James Perez - 2008 Honda CRV

want to hang out with these guys! Very honest and straightforward and just all around great to work with. We've had our Honda now for two months now without an issue. You can tell Walter and Keith love what they do.

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Jason Faunce - 2004 Ford Ranger

Literal life saving decision I made to purchase at this dealership. Long story short, shortly after I got financed very easily for a Ford Ranger, I was in an accident where I rolled 5 times. If I were in my old truck I am sure I would not be here to type this. The good Lord, and a great truck saved my life. I am going to purchase a new vehicle through this dealership again. We are working on finding the perfect one. I highly recommend this dealership. Very Honest, truly no pressure!

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Jacuia Brown - 2011 Nissan Sentra SR

Great Experience!!! They work with you to get you what you want and need. Thank you to Everyone at Webber!!

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Betty Leak - 2012 Nissan Altima

my experience walt was great super attitude great salesman look forward to working with him again

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Tonetta G - 2006 Hyundai Sonata

Walter was amazing at getting me a great deal on my car. He walked me thru step by step and It was easy fun and pain free.

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Ann Eller - 2006 Subaru Forester

I enjoy my subaru all around town.

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Kevin Corpening - 2007 Toyota Camry

Great experience!!!!

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Anna Farmer - 2006 Honda Civic

They worked with me and I couldn't have had a better experience! Thanks to all who helped. I'll definitely come back whenever I need another vehicle.

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Tameka Payne - 2008 Lexus IS

We had an awesome experience purchasing our New Lexus IS250.This is the best car dealership.If your looking to purchase a vehicle this is the best place to go.

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Morgan Lindsay - 2007 Honda Pilot

Me and my fiancé just purchased a Honda Pilot, super nice, drives great we LOVE IT!!! They sell dependable and good cars. The owner and his salesman Gus were both very friendly, down to earth and were a pleasure doing business with. I'd recommend them to anyone and everyone and that's what I'm going to do. Thanks a lot guys!!

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Amalia Nappo - 2010 Honda Pilot

Walter is a great guy. Webber will take care of you to get you into vehicle you want. 2nd purchase through them and I am extremely pleased with their vehicles and service. Highly recommended.

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Jay Via - 2009 Honda CRV

We just purchased a vehicle from Webber Auto and it was a very comfortable and relaxing experience. No pressure, just wonderful, friendly people!!! Todd allowed us to take home the vehicle we wanted to purchase to drive and look over so we would know exactly what we were getting. We even kept it overnight! He took lots of time to go over the details regarding our purchase and made everything very simple for us to understand. And, we got a warranty at no cost to us which you don't find very often with other used car dealerships. AND, when completing the transaction, we made an intentional error ton our checking account which could have resulted in Webber Auto having to wait a few days to get their money for the car. They were very understanding and gave us no problem at all about it. Todd and Walter are great, friendly people who answered all of our questions and we would purchase again from them without a second thought. Walter even took a picture of us all with our newly purchased car! We have already recommended them to several people who we thought may be in the market for a car! Thanks so much Todd and Walter for making this such a wonderful experience!

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Jeffrey Gammons - 2009 Nissan Murano

I have been in the automotive field for over twenty years and I never seen the quality and detail for such a low price.They truly care about the everyday blue collar person,but,the inventory is country club style.Walter and the guys at Webber automotive have really raised the bar when it comes to being a professional car dealer. thanks for everything.

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Crystal Hardin - 2011 Toyota Prius

This place is wonderful! I came in the day before my Birthday to see about getting a Toyota Prius I had saw online. I really didn't think they would be able to get me financed as my credit was not good and I didn't have much money to put down but Todd was able to help me. He and Keith treated my mom, grandmother, and me like family. Not only did I get a great car but I got a wonderful experience with some great people. If anyone needs a car go see them now! I'm so glad I did!

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Deborah Walser - 2014 Ford Focus

As we began looking for another vehicle we asked God to lead us in the right direction. I stopped in one morning and Walter met me with an humble and willing attitude to help make our needs a reality. There were no pressures or fast talking tactics at all. I left and visited a few other dealerships but God kept leading us back to WEBBER Automotive. When we returned we test drove a few cars, listened to Walters advice on the positives and negatives of each according to our needs, and then within a couple of hours we were driving away in our much needed vehicle. They did everything for us and all we had to do was provide answers to some questions and say THANK YOU to an AWESOME staff, and to our dear God above, who go above and beyond to make our lives more complete. Their dedication to families and ensuring their needs are met is phenomenal!!! Without a doubt this dealership has their faith and trust in the right place which will continue to enable their lives to be blessed beyond measure. PLEASE allow them to provide you with a dependable vehicle but most importantly.........a newfound family friendship. God bless them and you!!!

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